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Our business is focused on turning good ideas into innovative, effective, products that make a real difference to our clients

Harness your ideas,

Bring order to your thoughts,

Develop your vision.

Software development can feel chaotic. An idea can be difficult to grasp or complex to articulate. And it can be even harder to find the right people to make it happen. We work closely with our clients to make their software development projects reality.

Our clients are innovators. People who like to do things differently, who embrace technology to get and stay in front of their field. They are primarily companies in the high technology engineering or manufacturing sector who are;

•  Market leaders in an industry which requires ongoing research and development to stay at the front of your field;

•  Have identified inefficiencies in a specific industry that can be improved through the use of technology

•  Decided to turn a traditional product or service into a web based product to reach a broader audience or to automate time consuming procedures.

•  Require research to solve problems, uncover competitive advantages or take existing products to the next level by embracing new technology.

Our personalised consulting services mean that we can tailor our approach for your specific project. Some ways which we can work with you include;

•  Preliminary internal and external customer research to flesh out your ideas and establish market potential.

•  Development of the brief and project specifications.

•  As an interface between industry and academic researchers in specialist fields.

•  Intellectual property development and protection

Directives have particular expertise in control systems, factory automation, telecommunications, robotics, CAD/ CAM , medical simulation and speech synthesis.

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